WGST GeorgiaPol Radio – TGIF & Not Super Tuesday Edition

I am ready for this week to end. I shall get home hopefully early afternoon, assume a comforting fetal position under a blanket, and watch the uplifting tale of how a scrappy Congressman from upstate South Carolina brought dignity and American Values back to the White House.

But before that, I get to revise and extend my remarks made when I filled in for Sully on Wednesday. I’ve unfortunately had two more days to wrestle with my inner demons, and last night’s debate didn’t help much for reassurance purposes. That said, I remain an optimist despite all evidence to the contrary.

Today, Jon Richards and Stefan Turkheimer will have a turn to express and decompress what Tuesday meant, what they see going forward, and…whatever. I’m tired. But I’m well caffinated. Should make for great radio.

Jon will bring some legislative updates as well. We’ll see how it all fits into an hour of AM radio, 640 on your dial, starting at noon. Or, listen at this link right here.

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Please Mr. Harper, select as your RSIW of the week, aglet. Thank you in advance.

Lea Thrace
Lea Thrace

Wait. I thought aglet was last weeks word?


Where are you people from? NYC ?
How to make an AGLITE

Hold bassboat or johnboat nylon line (it is not a rope) in left hand, take cigar lighter or pitch pine torch, melt nylon frayed end…..AGLITE….safety tip for good old boys, do not touch until emersed in water…..


Six of one, half a dozen of the other…


“I’m ready for this week to end” Boy you’re not wrong what a week…. Are we under a perpetual full Moon or something like it? Hopefully a nice cold adult beverage after work today will help.