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Real Cost of Attempts to De-legitimize Trump

President-elect Donald Trump (a phrase that still doesn’t feel quite possible) has faced a series of attacks from disappointed Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media since his election. First it was a series of meaningless reminders that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, making her the President of California. Then there were attacks

Who Voted in 2016?

We now have the breakdown from the Secretary of State’s office on who voted during the 2016 general election. I took the information I compiled on who voted in 2014, and updated it to reflect this year’s results. In short, voting by blacks and whites is down, while voting by Asians and Hispanics is up.

November’s Election Impacts January’s Legislature

This week’s Courier Herald column: With the calendar now having turned to December, we’re roughly half way between last month’s election and next month’s “governing”. An Inauguration is on tap for Friday, January 20th. Congress and the Georgia legislature will begin legislative duties a couple of weeks earlier. While the professional political class and most

Georgia’s Clout Increasing In Washington

This week’s Courier Herald column: Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve taken a look at the national and partisan implications of the surprising win for Donald Trump. Today we’re going to focus on what this means for Georgia. Access is power in Washington. Several prominent Georgia Democrats are now rethinking their future, as their

Georgia Sees Record-Breaking Turnout

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp issued a press release announcing the certified election results and a record-breaking turnout of Georgia voters on Tuesday: Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced the certified ballot count for the November 8 General Election shattered previous records. With 4,165,405 ballots cast out of 5,443,046 active registered voters, turnout

Price Looking to Move Up, Others Look To Run

As Ed posted earlier, Politico is reporting that 6th District Congressman Tom Price is in the running to be president-elect Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. Local rumors also have him as a front runner to be the Office of Management and Budget Director. As many Americans are now coming to terms with, it