Author: Bart

Cobb mom gets her man

What would you do if one day you found out an older male wrestling coach was attempting to coerce your young son into a sexual relationship? A very good friend of mine faced this dilemma a few years ago after her son was targeted and decided to take action. Little did she know how difficult it would be

Fond Falcons Memories, Rise Up!

Today brings back so many great memories from 5 decades of Atlanta Falcons football. I was lucky as a kid having a grandfather who gave me most of his Club Level season tickets every year to attend games at AFC Stadium with my dad and his customers/friends. We tailgated, froze our asses off a few


America has a very new, very different president today. Donald J Trump, businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer and most importantly, not a politician will become the 45th president on January 20th. Back in February I was asked to write a post in favor of Trump because I was basically the only person available who was willing to

Marijuana on the ballot

Multiple states will offer voters a chance to express their opinion about easing marijuana laws including 5 with recreational use initiatives making weed legal. Florida is the closest to Georgia where voters will decide if pot may be offered for medicinal purposes. Here is a story from the AP posted on Cannabist about the ballot initiatives.

Clinton Inc.

A number of major media outlets have finally gotten past hearsay accusations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump to explore the many ‘ethically deficient’ (phrase used by HRC apologist and Princeton prof Eddie Glaude on Morning Joe today) activities in Clinton World. It seems most emanate from a company called Teneo formed by Clinton loyalists Doug Band and

Ashley Bell refutes racism charges

Amid a firestorm of allegations attempting to paint Donald Trump as a ‘racist’, the GOP nominee has big plans for a completely new tactic in Republican politics. According to Ashley Bell, national director of African-American outreach for the Republican National Committee, Trump will be holding events in predominantly black areas beginning next month. As Bell

Flip the Flippin GOPers

Ok folks, it’s been a blast. The ‘never, ever, ever, blessed ever and I mean I’m serious never Trump’ movement is dead! Thankfully!!! Donald J. Trump ran an unconventional outsider campaign against both major political parties, those who fund them and their media partners in crime. Using this unique never before tried strategy, he won

Re-elect Cobb Commission Chairman Tim Lee

As a lifelong Cobb County resident, I want to briefly layout the case for re-electing Cobb County Commission Chairman Tim Lee. The incumbent Lee faces a serial candidate in Mike Boyce who almost sealed the deal during the primary but fell a few votes short of achieving the required majority. Runoff date is July 26th,