Ashley Bell refutes racism charges

Amid a firestorm of allegations attempting to paint Donald Trump as a ‘racist’, the GOP nominee has big plans for a completely new tactic in Republican politics. According to Ashley Bell, national director of African-American outreach for the Republican National Committee, Trump will be holding events in predominantly black areas beginning next month. As Bell notes in a recent Yahoo News interview,

“Stay tuned. You’re going to see Donald Trump in some very new venues, and he’s going to be speaking to different communities of color with a very purposeful attempt to make sure we’re extending our message to as many Americans as possible.” 

As Trump pointed out recently, the racism attack is a standard, even expected practice by desperate democrats attempting to divert attention from the seemingly daily news of more controversial Hillary Clinton emails being discovered. The past two weeks have been especially bad for the former Secretary of State as her sordid history with a private email server keeps providing new revelations. Thus the blitz of diversionary attacks.

Bell defended Trump against the Hillary’s accusations saying,

“I take this very personally when I hear people say that he’s reaching for this bigoted vote, because I’m going to tell you as a strategist as well, there’s no way you could win an election with the very few racially bigoted people left in this country. There are some. They are real, but they’re not the 55 million people, the 60 million people you’re going to need to win. That’s where Hillary Clinton is wrong for trying to call out Donald Trump supporters as racist.”

It has been quite a while since a GOP nominee for president overtly sought support from minorities. The most recent nominee Mitt Romney got about 6% from black voters, Trump is currently polling in the 8% – 10% range depending on source (NBC Survey Monkey most recent shows 8%). Bell addressed the positive aspect of Trump’s outreach,

“This is something you didn’t see with Mitt Romney. How many times could you say that Mitt Romney made a direct appeal to black voters? So as Republicans we’re excited that we have a candidate who is going out saying I want to go out to compete for this vote, and as long as we’re talking about what’s right and what’s wrong and what’s good and what’s bad in black communities, we’re in the discussion, and we’re glad to be there.”

Bell met Trump for the first time along with other minority representatives at Trump Tower. He joined with many others who say they wish folks could see Trump behind the scene as he did.

“I wish America could see what I saw in the room today. He was very affable, very polite, very courteous, and he listened a lot.”

America needs to see this Trump, the one Bell describes and soon.


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