America has a very new, very different president today. Donald J Trump, businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer and most importantly, not a politician will become the 45th president on January 20th.

Back in February I was asked to write a post in favor of Trump because I was basically the only person available who was willing to come out of the closet as a Trump supporter. It would have been easy to write something about his promise to build a wall, fix trade deficiencies or any other basic issue. But I decided to dig a little deeper by focusing on the brand Trump and how that might benefit our country.

“America needs a fixer, somebody who can re-brand this country after 16 years of slow to no growth, endless wars and financial disarray. We need a leader with the courage to risk his own livelihood as many of the Founding Fathers did when they challenged the status quo under King George III. We must have somebody willing to stand up to foreign powers, somebody who is determined to re-establish the United States as the leader of the free world. A leader who has a proven history of bold, visionary pursuits. Donald Trump is that leader.”

I also admitted the risk involved in electing Trump, “As a voter, Trump is a high risk, high reward choice. Anytime you bet on a brand hoping the substance is as strong as the rhetoric you take a risk.”

Millions of Americans decided yesterday that the risk is more acceptable than continuing down this current path of timid mediocrity. America the brand has faltered under a seemingly endless stretch of partisan battles where neither side ever accomplishes anything. Trump promised to ‘Make America Great Again’ by uniting us in pursuit of higher aspirations. Voters en masse bought in and now the re-branding journey begins.

My hope is that folks who vehemently opposed Trump will at least give him a fair shot. I realize that is a big ask and the common reply will be something about how the GOP blocked Obama. But how long can we continue this ideological war without suffering permanent damage? Trump is the one person who is not restricted by political affiliation or  ideology so maybe he really can bridge the enormous divide in this country. As he said often, ‘what the hell do you have to lose’?

Americans spoke loudly yesterday. We want action. We want competent, non-corrupt leadership. And most importantly, we want America to be safe, strong and prosperous. Donald Trump cleverly realized more than anybody else exactly what voters wanted then branded his campaign to match that desire. My hope is he will do the same as brander-in-chief of the United States.


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