Flip the Flippin GOPers

Ok folks, it’s been a blast. The ‘never, ever, ever, blessed ever and I mean I’m serious never Trump’ movement is dead! Thankfully!!!

Donald J. Trump ran an unconventional outsider campaign against both major political parties, those who fund them and their media partners in crime. Using this unique never before tried strategy, he won overwhelmingly with more primary votes received than any previous GOP candidate despite facing 16 opponents including some with tens of millions to spend. But there are still a few in denial who refuse to accept this outcome.

Amazingly those who predicted his demise many times while scoffing at the potential of him winning the GOP nomination now want to critique his campaign capabilities as if they know better. Consultants with less than stellar track records like Mike Murphy (the $100 million dollar man who secured 3 delegates for Jeb Bush at a cost of over $35M each), Stuart Stevens and Steve Schmidt lament daily on the state of Trump’s GOP. These same ‘experts’ enriched themselves supporting no chance candidates for years using old, pathetically stale defensive campaign tactics leading to landslide losses and a demoralized party. Actually I guess it makes sense why guys like these 3 constantly criticize the victor as Trump’s use of low cost social media diminishes the need for high cost out of touch consultants like them. This is a good thing!

Face it folks, Trump earned this nomination in the face of more media scrutiny than most if not all previous candidates. Instead of backing down as most do when challenged, he took the fight to the media as no other candidate in recent memory. He and his family went all in to achieve this political victory which is no small thing for a group that previously never sought political office. It is a significant accomplishment that should be studied by forward thinking campaign operatives preparing for future campaigns where social media allows candidates the inexpensive ability to be competitive without need for big donors.

So to all you GOPers like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney among others, time to flip your support to Trump. No more disparaging columns, no more attacks on his character, no more whining, you lost. Republicans have 3 months to build on the Trump movement in order to ensure a big victory come November. The alternative is where your never, ever activities should now be directed.


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