In Support of Donald Trump

Editor’s Note: In anticipation of Georgia’s presidential primary on Tuesday, GeorgiaPol will publish a series of essays in support of some of the leading presidential candidates. This essay is from Trump supporter Bart Brannon.

This presidential campaign began early as they seem to do these days with a crowded field of 17 hopefuls attempting to secure the GOP nomination. One man among the group managed to stand out from the outset even though he had never sought political office. Over the past few months, this one guy accomplished the unbelievable task of knocking off many well-funded candidates without a SuperPac or serious fundraising effort. He made outrageous pronouncements much to the chagrin of old school pols and media types who predicted his demise with each politically incorrect rant. Yet he survived, thrived and not only leads the field, he is dominating it like no other candidate in history.

When this election cycle began, I decided to support a different candidate, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina. She was coming off a big loss to Barbara Boxer in a California senate race, but decided to shoot higher anyway. Her first debate performance solidified her as a viable candidate.

Unfortunately Fiorina went off the deep end in debate #2 when she tried an appeal to those in the GOP who think Planned Parenthood is a more pressing enemy than ISIS. The rest is history. She lost standing in the polls then finally bailed out after finishing a distant 7th in New Hampshire. Bye bye Carly. I along with many others became political free agents looking for a bandwagon with an empty seat.

After much deliberation, comparison and review, I decided to go with the guy described in the first paragraph. Donald J Trump, the man, the brand.

America needs a fixer, somebody who can re-brand this country after 16 years of slow to no growth, endless wars and financial disarray. We need a leader with the courage to risk his own livelihood as many of the Founding Fathers did when they challenged the status quo under King George III. We must have somebody willing to stand up to foreign powers, somebody who is determined to re-establish the United States as the leader of the free world. A leader who has a proven history of bold, visionary pursuits. Donald Trump is that leader.

As a voter, Trump is a high risk, high reward choice. Anytime you bet on a brand hoping the substance is as strong as the rhetoric you take a risk. Trump is taking a huge risk himself. If he fails, he could lose everything he worked decades to build into a multi-billion dollar business. He has incentive to succeed provided by his children, grandchildren, employees and the rest who would suffer if his brand is tarnished or destroyed by this run for president. That is a huge risk.

So in summation, I am choosing to vote for Donald Trump next Tuesday and doing so with enthusiasm. I truly believe we need an outside the beltway boost to overcome the issues facing our country. Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are all the same; lifelong politicians selfishly seeking the next highest office as a means to enrich themselves financially while gaining power they never imagined having at their fingertips. Trump is rich already, has plenty of power but is willing to risk all of it in order to rescue the country that gave him the opportunity to get rich and powerful. That takes balls, just what America needs now!


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