Peake introducing Medical Marijuana referendum

State Representative Allen Peake will try again this session to make it easier for families to get medical marijuana. According to a report by WABE (NPR), Peake will try a different tack by pushing legislation to put a referendum before voters in 2018. Click here for full story.

Opposition to expanded availability of legal pot will continue to be strong. According to Rep. Peake, “We still face some stiff opposition from law enforcement as well as some faith-based organizations,” said Peake. “And that’s really what’s blocking us from moving forward at this time.”

There are now 28 states not including Georgia with some level of legal medical marijuana including Florida which just passed their version in November with 71% of voters in favor. Georgia passed a very limited form of legalization in 2015 but failed to allow for in state cultivation which essentially inhibits availability of legal cannabis oil.

A referendum is likely the best path to decriminalization here in Georgia. Hopefully Rep. Peake will strive to pass referendum language to address more than just cannabis oil. At the very least, something akin to the Florida law should be presented for voter approvalĀ – Tallahassee Democrat story here



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