Your Last Monday Morning Reads — November 7

Welcome to your last Monday Morning Reads! After the Sweet Meteor O’Death is elected our new president, it will annihilate taxes, entitlements, ObamaCare, infrastructure, agriculture, and mankind. November 9th will bring on a new age of peace, tranquility, and nothingness. We have much to look forward to! Jawja Millennials are NOT amused. Research behind Amendment

With Endorsements from the Morris Communications Newspapers, Donald Trump’s Endorsements Double

You’ve probably heard about the fact that many conservative-leaning newspapers have endorsed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the 2016 election. Papers including the Arizona Republic, Cincinnati Enquirer, Dallas Morning News, and the San Diego Union Tribune made rare endorsements of the Democratic candidate, some for the first time ever. Our friend Loren Collins, who

Partisans Battle Over Southwest Georgia

So much of Georgia is discussed politically in broad brush strokes. We’re a “red state”. Democrats are mostly urban creatures found inside or near Atlanta’s Perimeter. The battle of attrition is usually one discussed as the long awaiting “changing demographics” of Atlanta’s suburbs. For bonus points, “white suburban women” have been long publicly acknowledged as

Will Forsyth County Elect An African American Man?

The short answer: No. Forsyth County is infamous for its bloody expulsion of its black residents in 1912. If you are interested in this notorious page of Forsyth County’s history, you can purchase Patrick Phillips new book, Blood At The Roots, on Amazon. It’s a disturbing and interesting read. As the legend goes, Forsyth County had