Senate Passes Water Resources, Stopgap Funding Bills Before Adjourning

Before adjourning for the year early Saturday morning, the U.S. Senate passed the 2017 water resources bill that provides needed funding for the Savannah River port deepening project, along with a measure that avoids a government shutdown by funding the federal government through April 28th, 2017. Formally titled the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation

Attempted Breach of SoS Firewall Likely Due to a Computer Misconfiguration

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security believes the attempt to breach the Georgia Secretary of State’s firewall using A DHS IP address was due to a computer in the Department of Customs and Border Security that was improperly configured to query the Secretary of State’s professional licensing database. According

Woodall Expresses Cautious Support for Trump’s Proposed Infrastructure Spending Package

One of the key proposals from President-Elect Trump is a $1 trillion investment that would be used to repair the country’s infrastructure, and ultimately to boost the economy and add jobs. But, as Politico reports, Trump’s plan looks a lot like the stimulus proposed and implemented by President Obama early in his presidency. That concerns

Professional Candidate Alex Johnson Announces Candidacy For GAGOP Chairman

Perpetual Georgia Republican Party Chairman candidate Alex Johnson announced he is running for Georgia Republican Party Chairman. In the email announcing his candidacy, Johnson wrote, Republican Donald Trump was elected based on his common-sense solution to put America first.  Following Trump’s lead, it is time for the Georgia GOP to put Republicans first. His platform

Morning Reads for Friday, December 9, 2016

16 days ’til Christmas! #panic Of course, he’d say that. Yummy, yummy cheese, coming to town. Shaq makes Walkin’ Small look like Walkin’ Microscopic! There’s an app for that. Smart kid. Electors not electing. Suck it up, buttercup. Shoot, everybody’s got a microwave. We’ll all be rich! Doesn’t BuzzFeed have enough problems? Any Jedi can

Frivolousness in Fulton

The county attorney for Fulton County apparently believes her desire to squash the public’s access to records trumps state law. At a Commission meeting Wednesday, attorney for the county, Patrise Perkins-Hooker, proposed limited open records requests to the same agency from persons not affiliated with a media outlet to 15 per year. Along with other