Special Election Open Thread #GA6 #SD32

EDIT: 12:03 a.m. – Ossoff at 48.61%, Handel at 19.49%. Gray, Abroms endorse Handel in June 20th runoff. 11:40 p.m. – Technical issues in Fulton County. I am sure the Russians will be mentioned. WSB-TV reporting: “Rare data error from one of the cards means Fulton Co. will have to manually go through hundreds of

Special Election Day Prediction Thread

Today in Georgia, we have the following special elections: Sixth Congressional District, State Senate District 32, Roswell Municipal Johns Creek Municipal City of Stonecrest (NEW!) City of South Fulton (NEW!) Polls are open until 7pm but you may weigh in now. I am out of the prediction business and shall practice self-restraint and not publicly

April 28. That’s When Trump Will MAGA.

MAGA of course meaning: Making Atlanta Greaterthanitalreadyiswhichisalreadyperfect At last. April 28 is also the date President Trump will address the NRA Annual Meetings, taking place at the Georgia World Congress Center. The NRA tweeted the news on Friday. It will be the first time Trump qua President will visit the Peach State. President Trump will

2019 Starts Now

This week’s Courier Herald column: There’s a certain cadence of the calendar for those who work in the politics and policy fields in the state of Georgia. We’re all familiar with the 40 days’ rush of the Georgia General Assembly that begins in early January and, if at all possible, ends before Masters week. It’s

Pres. Trump Makes Articulate, Fact-Based Analysis of CD-6 Race

Just kidding, we all know that’s impossible. Instead, President Trump relied on his usual bombastic and semi-conspiratorial scolding (AKA: his most presidential sounding voice) to predict Republicans will win on Tuesday. Anyone want to hazard a guess if he even knows who the Republicans are? Methinks he has no clue. The recent Kansas election (Congress) was

Morning Reads – Monday, April 17

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. State Innovation doesn’t end behind bars. Tomorrow is Election Day. Duel enrollment classes are quite the controversy these days. 400+ animals were rescued from north Georgia. Fun fact: I joined my high school’s robotics club. They asked me to leave, too. National Let me