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“Insidious and Highly Suspicious” Data Destruction of Election Server

You’d like to think no one in Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s office or the KSU Center for Election Systems would be so glaringly inept as to wipe the data off a server that is the center of a lawsuit over election security. And that they wouldn’t do so immediately after said lawsuit was filed.

Georgia Power Decides To Move Forward With Plant Vogtle Construction

Southern Company, parent of mega-utility Georgia Power, has distributed a press release this morning that they have decided to continue with the construction of Plant Vogtle units 3 & 4 – currently the only nuclear power plants under construction in the country. South Carolina utilities chose to scrap construction of their units in the past

Georgia Holds Fate Of Future US Nuclear Power

On Monday, the two utilities building nuclear reactors at the Virgil C Summer nuclear site decided to pull the plug on the project, scuttling two of the four nuclear reactors currently under construction in the United States. The remaining two nuclear reactors are on the other side of the Savannah River, in Burke County Georgia.

Augusta’s New Most Infamous Person is… Reality Winner, NSA Leaker Extraordinare

Linda Schrenko, Charles Walker, Tim Shelnut… Reality Winner? Yep, the newest in the line of Augusta’s most politically-infamous people is a previously-obscure 25 year-old government contractor. President Trump should be resting a little easier today, as the National Security Agency was able to track down, arrest, and arraign Reality Leigh Winner, who leaked a highly-classified

Atlanta Nears Head of the Tech Class

The old IT guy image of slide rules and pocket protecters is gone. Today’s tech workers require the best bandwidth, cool tools, workplace flexibility and most of all, a bit of fun in the office. According to, Atlanta is now in second place, right behind Austin, TX as the next big IT hub. Our

Senator Johnny Isakson Signs Bipartisan Letter To Fight For Rural Broadband

US Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) signed on to a bipartisan letter to the Federal Communications Commission urging them to modernize the Universal Service Fund (USF).  Currently, USF is tied to customers subscribing to landlines, a service that slowly going extinct as more people “cut the cord”.  The letter sent to Chairman Ajit Pai and Commissioners