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Doctors & pharmacists seek to block Medicaid merger

This week’s Courier Herald column: Georgia makes few apologies about being a “business friendly” state.  In fact, it promotes the concept as the “number one state to do business” as publicly as possible.  Thus, when powerful organizations popular with Georgia’s governing majority party announce opposition to a proposed merger, it is worth some time understanding

Hudgens Endorses Jay Florence To Succeed Him As Insurance Commissioner

Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner, Ralph Hudgens, has endorsed Jay Florence in the race to succeed him. Hudgens declined to run for a third term this year. The press release by Hudgens (distributed by the Florence campaign) follows: Fellow Conservatives, I am proud to announce my endorsement of Jay Florence for Insurance Commissioner. Jay is a strong

Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens Not Running For Re-Election

The AJC’s James Salzer is reporting that long running rumors are true. Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens won’t be seeking re-election. State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens, a two-term incumbent and former state lawmaker, has decided against running for another term in 2018. Hudgens served in the state House and Senate from the Athens area, rising to

Georgia Addressing Firefighters’ Cancer Risk

This week’s Courier Herald column: As Georgia’s economic fortunes have improved over the past several years, the state has made an effort to reinvest in those that serve us. The economic downturn meant sparse times for taxpayers, which meant fewer tax dollars flowing into state coffers for several years. Public sector employees bore the brunt