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What’s Next for Doug Collins

The news that Paul Ryan is retiring could be a boon for Doug Collins.  Gainesville’s finest congressman is currently the vice chair of the House Republican Conference. Before Ryan’s news was official, the second- and third-ranking House Republicans were already allegedly jockeying for the Speakership. And with the increasing specter of a Democratic takeover of congress, the

AJC: Trump Georgia Disapproval at 58.7%

Today’s poll from The AJC is, candidly, a bit hard to believe.  If the data is to be believed 58.7% of Georgians disapprove of President Trump and only 36.7% approve. Could there be essentially a 13-point swing since the all-important November 8, 2016 approval poll? Possibly. The numbers almost mirror national results. President Trump does create

Jeffares “All In” For Quixotic Campaign

Sen. Rick Jeffares, riding the windfall of his major legislative accomplishments the…uh…we’ll get back to you on that… and presumably ready to reach a decision on how to avoid a massive conflict of interest as Lieutenant Governor is leaving the state senate so he can campaign full time for Lite Gov. Now, usually when you have