Abrams Launches First Salvo Against GOP

Now that she’s the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, Stacey Abrams is on the offensive against the Republicans.

Her line of attack? The GOP is in debt, ipso facto they’re in no position to discuss her debt.

From the press release:

Despite being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt after settling a racial discrimination lawsuit, the Georgia GOP has launched an absurd and hollow attack on Stacey Abrams’ personal finances.

Since the beginning of her campaign, Abrams has been transparent about how her role as the sole provider for her parents, grandmother, and niece has impacted her personal finances and her plans to help Georgians achieve economic security, and has appropriately disclosed information regarding her finances via her personal financial disclosures. 

“Stacey Abrams has always been open and honest about the financial challenges she has faced while taking care of her family — challenges that many Georgians share. The GOP’s hypocrisy on this issue would be laughable if it didn’t demonstrate how out of touch they are with the struggles of everyday families,” said Abrams campaign spokesperson Priyanka Mantha. “Just as Abrams released personal financial disclosures earlier this year, she will release tax returns once there is a GOP nominee.”


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