AJC: Trump Georgia Disapproval at 58.7%

Today’s poll from The AJC is, candidly, a bit hard to believe. 

If the data is to be believed 58.7% of Georgians disapprove of President Trump and only 36.7% approve.

Could there be essentially a 13-point swing since the all-important November 8, 2016 approval poll?


The numbers almost mirror national results.

President Trump does create controversy after controversy for himself and ask Senator Moore about Trump’s coattails.

But, The AJC had a whopper of an outlier polling CD-6, so their methodology might be a bit skewed. Even if The AJC is seven points wrong, that still puts the President at the same spot he was in 2016 which is not inspiring.

All of this is a long way of saying: were I a Republican running statewide in 2018, I’d find little to be sanguine about.


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