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Adoption Bill Back For Round Two

Last year, Georgia Legislators attempted to revise the adoption laws in our state. It got ugly. And the 2017 session ended with no solution to the ever-growing issues and complications related to fostering and adoption in the State of Georgia. However, HB 159 passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. On January 18th,

Still No Adjournment Resolution in the Senate–and Possible Ramifications

We know the Senate will work through Thursday and that’s when they hope to pass an adjournment resolution. The House has their protocol in order with the first 10 days scheduled. If the Senate doesn’t pass a resolution on Thursday each calendar day counts toward the 40 (but I could be wrong on that). Things

Yarbrough: Adoption Law Update Fiasco a Rancid Sausage; Cagle and Shafer Implicated in Disgusting Creation

Dick Yarbrough is the latest to weigh in on the debacle¬†that killed Rep. Bert Reeves’ adoption law update on the last day of the 2017 session of the Georgia General Assembly. His words aren’t kind, nor should they be.¬†I’ve seen us lose more good and necessary legislation (locally and federally) to purposefully-toxic amendments than I