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Supreme Court Decisions Have Georgia Impact

This week’s Courier Herald column: The surprise retirement announcement from Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has served to remind us once again that there is a third and equal branch of government to the ones that get most of the coverage in political columns such as this. His announcement came as the court ended its

Supreme Court Justice Kennedy Retires; Two Georgians On Replacement List

This afternoon, Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement after the court concluded it’s term. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already stated that he looks forward to having a replacement nominee confirmed this fall. The Supreme Court begins its next term in October, so presumably, there will be no effective vacancy. President

Deal on Douglas – No Voting for You

Yesterday, Douglas County learned that Governor Deal is appointing someone to the vacant District Attorney seat in Douglas County.  The seat was opened due to the appointment of Brian Fortner, the former elected District Attorney, to an open State Court Judge seat.  The Governor emailed a statement which included in part, “The governor looks forward

Governor Deal Makes D.A., Solicitor General, & Other Judicial Appointments

From a press release: Gov. Nathan Deal today announced the appointments of Jennifer E. Carver as Solicitor General of Bacon County and Robert M. Thomas as Solicitor General of Miller County. Deal also appointed Alisa Adams Johnson as District Attorney of the Rockdale Judicial Circuit.​​ Deal announced the appointment of Kathryn L. Powers to the

Bobby Christine Confirmed as U.S. Attorney

Bobby Christine is the new U.S attorney for the Southern District of Georgia after being confirmed unanimously by the Senate Wednesday evening. Christine was serving as the Magistrate of Columbia County before being nominated to this position. Before that, he was a prosecutor in the Augusta District Attorney’s office. In 2012, Christine was appointed as

AG Carr Backs Anti-Sanctuary City Amicus Brief

Attorney General Chris Carr lent his office’s support to a multistate amicus brief opposing sanctuary cities. In a statement, Carr explained his support for the brief saying: “we believe sanctuary jurisdictions — cities and localities that prohibit or otherwise obstruct cooperation between federal and local officials on immigration enforcement — defy the rule of law

Rep Regina Quick Appointed As Superior Court Judge

In a move that has been telegraphed for months, State Representative Regina Quick (R-Athens) has been appointed as a Superior Court Judge by Governor Nathan Deal. Quick has previously indicated she would not be running for re-election, setting up a Republican primary between former State Rep Doug McKillip and Houston Gaines (thus far).  The seat