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The New Gilded Age?

One of my favorite offbeat stories to come out of the Beltway in the past month involved George W. Bush’s former assistant secretary of commerce, Bruce Mehlman, declaring this period the New Gilded Age. Mehlman produces quarterly reports for his clients at Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas on the current climate, and this quarter, he

Morning Reads for Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Good morning! The Iowa Caucuses are over, and it’s Groundhog Day. Watch out for that first step – it’s a doozy! Amtrak’s Sunset Limited returns to south Georgia for the first time since Katrina – but only for one day, and only for VIPs. HB 865 – the Building Educational Success Together Act, or “The

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 19, 2015

Good morning! Georgians are back at work, back at school, and back at the Capitol. Weird, awful things are happening to cows in Braselton. (Like, exceptionally awful; don’t read while you’re eating.) I’ve come to the conclusion that the parents who bought Heely shoes for their kids several years back are probably the same ones

Morning Reads for Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Good morning! I hope your eggs were properly cooked, and your issues were equally to your liking. TransCanada is suing the United States about the rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and the Wall Street Journal wants TransCanada’s attorneys to be sure to point out that despite the political consternation at home, the Obama Administration