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Conservatives Should Support Cobb Commissioners On Home Rule

One of the most intriguing stories of the year is the situation surrounding the Cobb County Board of Commissioners’ decision to invoke home rule to change their district map, rejecting the district map passed by the General Assembly. While it may seem straightforward, it is more nuanced. It deals with political philosophy fundamentals and constitutional

Is Amazon HQ2 Search Cobb/Gwinnett’s Transit Wake Up Call?

As Charlie alluded to in his latest column, Amazon’s search for a “full equal” HQ highlights the most vexing question for Cobb/Gwinnett Counties and Georgia generally. Will you join the mass transit program or get left behind? It can’t get any more explicit than Amazon requiring “direct” mass transit access “at site” for their new

Is Cobb County Trumpophobic?

The dust from yesterday’s election has yet to settle – but there’s one major story that’s emerged, and that’s a blue Cobb County. Y’all are familiar with Cobb County. It’s the county that famously lost its chance of having an Olympics venue – or even a glimpse of the torch run – in the 1990s