Is Amazon HQ2 Search Cobb/Gwinnett’s Transit Wake Up Call?

As Charlie alluded to in his latest column, Amazon’s search for a “full equal” HQ highlights the most vexing question for Cobb/Gwinnett Counties and Georgia generally. Will you join the mass transit program or get left behind?

It can’t get any more explicit than Amazon requiring “direct” mass transit access “at site” for their new HQ to realize previous growth strategies are archaic, especially if you want big companies or young transplants. (Don’t forget, Mercedes-Benz also wanted easy MARTA access).

How many blue chip companies are willing to instantly write off your county for lack of mass transit before officials say “well we’ve got a problem on our hands” and do something about it? How long will it take the Georgia Legislature to realize our lack of state funding for MARTA will ultimately make the state as a whole less competitive when wooing big-name relocations?

Getting a bit off topic but part of a broader theme: our transit situation is a mess. The best solution is fewer cars on the road. That’s anathema to Georgia Republicans but it’s a reality that must be faced if Georgia wants to remain the best state in the nation.

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