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That Tuition Increase and Other Riveting University System of Georgia News

In case you were working on an end-of-semester project, sleeping off a hangover, or just disconnected from all things public college in this state, tuition is going to go up 2 percent for the 2017-2018 academic year. That should work out to between $27 and $98 per semester for full-time, in-state undergraduates, depending on the

Pew: Georgia Tax Revenues Still Below Pre-Recession Peak

Attention 3110 Maple Drive Northeast: Consider this remedial reading. The Pew Charitable Trust has released an analysis of states’ revenues since the trough of the great recession. They concluded what we already know, and have analyzed here, here, here, and here, among other places. Georgia’s revenues remain below where they were before we went into

Augusta, Columbus Back In Revised Casino Bill

This years bill to allow for “Destination Resort” casino gaming was introduced as a paired down, more focused alternative to last year’s proposal that would have allowed as many as seven licenses to be issued throughout the state. We covered the bill in detail here. At the bill’s first Senate hearing, sponsor Brandon Beach of

Appropriations Chair Terry England Cites Objections to Increasing Sales Tax and Lowering Income Tax

Whenever the idea of tax reform comes up in the state legislature, a common point of discussion is trading the state’s income tax for an increased sales tax. It’s a popular idea, given that neighboring states Florida and Tennessee appear to do well without an income tax. Many Georgians are fans of the FairTax, introduced

To Amend Or Not To Amend

This week’s Courier Herald column: When Georgia voters go to the polls between now and November 8th, they will be given a series of proposed constitutional amendments to consider. Four measures will be decided that could give the Governor more power to fix chronically failing schools, establish new taxes on strip clubs, provide political oversight