Author: Tate Mitchell

State Legislators Prepare To Criminalize “Upskirting”

In an article published in the Macon Telegraph on Tuesday, it was described that as the next legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly inches closer, Speaker of the Georgia House David Ralston and other Georgia lawmakers are looking into language that would clearly criminalize the practice of taking secret, invasive pictures for the purpose of

Price and Perdue Voice Concerns Over CBO Projections

This week, the Congressional Budget Office released its 2016 Long-Term Budget Outlook showing the national debt rising to 141 percent of the U.S.A.’s GDP by the year 2046 as well as Medicare and Social Security facing an increased threat of insolvency. Unsurprisingly, the CBO’s bleak predictions have left many in Congress concerned over the nation’s fiscal

Speaker Ralston Makes Appointments to Study Committees

In two press releases obtained by GeorgiaPol from the Georgia House’s press office on Monday, Speaker Ralston’s appointees to two study committees created by resolution during the recently adjourned legislative session were announced. One of the committees was created by House Resolution 1093 will seek to “study efforts in treating and supporting mentally ill individuals,

Isakson, Grassley Go To Bat on Behalf of Veterans’ 2nd Amendment Rights

In a press release dispersed by Senator Johnny Isakson’s office on Tuesday, it was described that Senators Johnny Isakson and Chuck Grassley recently authored a letter to the VA Secretary, Robert McDonald. The senators both expressed concern over the VA’s current practice of placing veterans on a gun ban list without first determining whether or