Republican Candidates Descend Upon Georgia Ahead of SEC Primary

With the March 1st SEC primary under a week away here in Georgia, candidates competing for the Republican nomination have begun descending upon the Peach State. With campaign offices opening and developing event schedules, the candidates are all making their own efforts with their eyes on the 76 delegates that Georgia has to offer.

The Rubio campaign kicked it into full gear in Georgia on Monday night, opening their official Georgia campaign headquarters in Atlanta. The event drew a large crowd, making it impossible for some attendees to even make it all the way into the room. The crowd exhibited great diversity along with many newcomers to the political process here in Georgia. For many, this will be their first time volunteering with a presidential campaign, and many of the volunteers and supporters were eager to get involved in the week ahead.

Congressman Austin Scott, Rubio’s campaign chairman in Georgia, headlined the office opening and made his pitch to those in the room as to why he believes that Senator Rubio should be the party’s nominee. He emphasized the Senator Rubio is in the race in order to truly make a difference, not just a point like some of the other candidates. Congressman Scott also spoke highly of Senator Rubio’s record on national security and defense stating,

“Marco is a fact-based decision maker that can be trusted as our Commander in Chief.”

Scott also worked to draw a contrast between Rubio and Senator Ted Cruz whom he said is one of the “only Republicans he could think of that voted ‘No’ on the National Defense Authorization Act.” The campaign also had its Senior Adviser for Conservative Outreach, Gary Marx, at the event to speak in regards to Rubio’s credentials as a true conservative, citing the senator’s many 100% ratings with various conservative organizations.

Other presidential campaigns are scheduled to make appearances in Georgia ahead of March 1st, as well. Governor John Kasich will be hosting a town hall at Kennesaw State University today at noon, and Sandy Springs at 5:30 PM. Kasich will also address the Georgia House this morning. Donald Trump will be making an appearance at Valdosta State next Monday, February 29th at 6 pm. There have also been rumblings of Ted Cruz events in the state throughout the next week, but the campaign’s website does not have any confirmed events listed thus far. Nonetheless, one thing is abundantly clear: the 2016 campaign has officially arrived here in Georgia.


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