Speaker Ralston Makes Appointments to Study Committees

In two press releases obtained by GeorgiaPol from the Georgia House’s press office on Monday, Speaker Ralston’s appointees to two study committees created by resolution during the recently adjourned legislative session were announced.

One of the committees was created by House Resolution 1093 will seek to “study efforts in treating and supporting mentally ill individuals, community based housing, residential mental health facilities and county and municipality care infrastructures.” The language in H.R. 1093 asserts that a study of these initiatives needs to be undertaken throughout the state so that Georgia can better understand how to treat mentally ill individuals with the hopes of helping them achieve better, more productive lives. The members of that committee are as follows:

  • Rep. Katie Dempsey – Chair (R-Rome)
  • Rep. Kim Alexander – Vice Chair (D-Hiram)
  • Rep. Joyce Chandler (R-Grayson)
  • Rep. Trey Kelley (R-Cedartown)
  • Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur)

The second committee, created senate-side by Senate Resolution 883, will explore potential financial incentives for the payments processing industry in order to help Georgia maintain its status as a leader in securing financial transactions across the global marketplace. The legislators who will be working on that committee can be found below:

  • Rep. Ron Stephens – Co-Chair (R-Savannah)
  • Rep. Greg Morris (R-Vidalia)
  • Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-Monroe)

These are two of many announcements that we are likely to see in the coming weeks regarding appointments to study committees formed by resolution during the 2015-2016 legislative session.


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