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Federal judge orders extension of voter registration deadline for Chatham County

Some residents of Chatham County were already evacuating by Thursday, Oct. 6, five days before the deadline to register to vote in the November general election. By Oct. 7, many government offices had closed. That night, many area homes lost power; some homes remained without power for a week. Yes, many evacuees were in places

Savannah Morning News editorial calls for reconsideration of Medicaid expansion in Georgia

The Savannah Morning News has published a lengthy and provocative editorial, spurred by State Senator Renee Untermann’s recent statements, calling for lawmakers to reconsider Georgia’s rejection of the Medicaid expansion under the ACA. From the generally conservative editorial team: Locally, Memorial Health University Medical Center is losing millions of dollars annually, in large part because

No surprises in Chatham County primary results

Nothing to see here, move along. Yesterday’s primaries in Chatham County had some interesting elements, but the results were largely predictable, with most incumbents winning handily. It seems that a fair number of Republicans asked for a Democratic ballot, but that trend doesn’t seem to have had much if any effect on the outcomes. Carl

Crossover voting could determine key Democratic primaries in Chatham County

There are no competitive local races in tomorrow’s Republican primary in Chatham County, so a number of campaigns and their supporters have been encouraging Republicans to ask for a Democratic ballot. It’s an interesting strategy, and it just might work. Chatham County Commissioner Al Scott is running for reelection and is being challenged by sitting