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Trump, Clinton win Georgia: what does it mean?

From the AJC: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored complete victories in Georgia in Tuesday’s primary, trouncing their opponents as they edged closer to their parties’ nominations. Huh? Clinton surely trounced Sanders last night. She took 71 percent of the statewide vote and, according to the exit polls, had resounding margins among white women, black

Trump, Rubio, Cruz vie for Georgia delegates — a look at the numbers

If the Republican Party primaries followed the same rules as the Democratic primaries, Donald Trump would have little chance to win the nomination. The Democrats are assigning pledged delegates based on the proportion of the vote, and they also have the so-called “super delegates” that consist of unpledged party leaders who can eventually vote for

Well-known businessman leaves Savannah Airport Commission after alleged misuse of credit card

From the Savannah Business Journal’s Savannah Airport Commission removes Sylvester Formey for making more than $13,000 in unapproved personal charges on credit card: Longtime Savannah Airport Commission Chairman and Savannah businessman Sylvester Formey has been removed as Chairman, and is resigning his position on the Commission – expected to be received today at City Hall

Controversial Savannah alderman named in ethics complaint

From the Savannah Morning News: Two Savannah residents have filed an ethics complaint alleging Alderman Tony Thomas launched an “all-out hate campaign” against them following their support for an opposing city council candidate last year. The complaint filed Friday by Debra Kujawa and Karen Thompson claims Thomas violated code sections calling for elected officials to

Savannah Harbor Expansion Project faces lingering questions on funding, environmental impact

Georgia’s top elected officials have already aimed harsh criticism at the Obama administration for its relatively meager funding for the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project in the President’s proposed 2017 budget. Click here for Nicole Hammett’s post about those criticisms. The Savannah Morning News (where I’ve been a freelance columnist for 15 years) also has extensive

Chatham County Commissioner Shabazz convicted of reckless driving at trial, avoids prison time

From the Savannah Morning News: Chatham County Commissioner Yusuf Shabazz on Tuesday was sentenced to 12 months probation, fined $1,000 and ordered to complete a complete driving education course after a jury convicted him of reckless driving in the June 1 incident that left a city maintenance worker with an injured finger. Yusuf Shabazz has

Savannah city manager announces retirement after tensions flare among new, returning city council members

Savannah’s newly elected officials — mayor Eddie DeLoach, at-large alderman Brian Foster, 2nd district alderman Bill Durrence, and 4th district alderman Julian Miller — participated in their first city council meeting last Thursday. That meeting went pretty smoothly, all things considered, and concluded with some fond words for city manager Stephanie Cutter after she announced