Warnock Outraises GOP Foes, May Not Indicate Democratic Optimism

Yes, it’s a good thing to raise more money than your opponent. Especially when your opponent is an incumbent U.S. Senator.

Reverend Warnock did just that in Q1: his $1.5 million to $1.1 million each for Sen. Loeffler and Rep. Collins. It’s not hard to imagine that if Sen. Loeffler could avoid a spirited primary that she would have raised more than. Rev. Warnock. Loeffler also wrote herself a $5-million check with more to come.

Jon Ossoff had a decent showing compared to Sen. Perdue but still lags well behind in cash on hand. It should also be noted that Perdue is in every way, a much stronger candidate than Loeffler.

The Washington Post dumped some water on Democrats’ hopes reporting:

So far, no major party-affiliated campaign committee or super PAC has placed ad reservations in Georgia for the fall, even as a competitive presidential race in the state threatens to drive up advertising prices…

[W]ith Abrams’s well-publicized decision to skip a Senate run fueling perceptions in Washington and among donors nationally that the two races may be long shots. Instead, money has flowed more readily into Arizona, Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, and even Iowa and Kentucky — states where many Democrats see a more likely path to the majority.

As I said in August: if Georgia Dems can’t win big statewide this year, at some point we just have to think the state’s out of reach. Unfortunately for them, an inability to truly campaign may just seal their fate for the near future.

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