GA Dems Leader Right to See Golden Opportunity

Georgia Democratic Party chair Nikema Williams is right to say we’re the battleground, and not just because we’re electing 1/50th of the Senate.

Getting lost as Republicans begin their coronation process is there may be little, if any, advantage to being a Republican in Georgia next year.

Charlie semi-alluded to it that, yes, both parties are going to nationalize the as no politics are local any more.

With Trump, that’s going to be bad news. The President lost 16 points from his favorability to a whopping +2 in Georgia. Or using a more traditional analysis is: he’s at 49% approve to 48% disapprove. Those are some pretty stiff headwinds and, let’s be honest, does anyone genuinely expect President Trump to temper any of his poor qualities? In other words: do you really see anything that will cause his stock to rise?

There’s going to be absolute chaos with the electoral process and a presidential albatross so two of three for Democrats is entirely realistic. A clean sweep? Senator Perdue isn’t cracking 50% approval and if there’s any daylight between him and President Trump you’d be hard pressed to find it.

Perhaps the most compelling question out of all this is: if Democrats can’t get either Georgia to turn blue or pick up a Senate seat next year….when’s it gonna be?


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