I Think Stacey Evans Just Went Negative Using A Positive Endorsement

Stacey Evans may have neutralized a massive chunk of Stacey Abrams support.

In a day of trading endorsements, Evans had the better one. Emmanuel Jones, the former chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus took great effort to show what he perceived was Abrams’ too-eager willingness to work with Republicans on signature Democratic issues.

Here are the choice quotes, and with no disrespect to Stacey A., they are all negative against her:

“Until 2011, the promise of HOPE was simple: make a ‘B’, go to college, and any Georgian who wants to go to technical college could go tuition-free.

“But in 2011, Republicans, with the help of Stacey Abrams, broke that promise. Stacey Abrams partnered with Republicans to author a bill to cut the HOPE Scholarship…

“We all know that our right to vote and the protections of that right have been under constant attack from Republicans because they know when we vote, we win. In 2011, they found an ally in their attempt to cut back access to the polls: Stacey Abrams. She joined with her Republican colleagues to reduce the number of days people have to vote from 45 to 21…

“In 2016, the banking lobby decided that it should be harder to prosecute their clients, often bank board members. Stacey Evans delivered the minority report against this bill because, as we all know, it’s already hard enough to hold bankers accountable. Despite the Democratic Caucus delivering a report against the bill on the House floor, and Democrats in committee fighting against it, Minority Leader Stacey Abrams voted for the measure….”

This won’t win it or lose it for either candidate but we’re now going to see a more direct and fiercer campaign from both women.


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2 years ago

Yesterday, a facebook friend posted this: https://www.dsa-atlanta.org/statement_by_the_metro_atlanta_chapter_of_the_democratic_socialists_of_america_on_the_hit_piece_against_member_anoa_changa “In the proto-fascist milieu of contemporary American politics, it is vitally important that we lift up voices of color and support women like Anoa who stand in resolute defiance of white supremacy.” This was a response to a feature on WABE: https://www.wabe.org/atlanta-activist-uses-russian-backed-media-spread-message/ Anoa Changa is a supporter of Stacy Abrams. “Changa helped lead a protest last year at the progressive Netroots Nation convention drowning out the speech of Stacey Evans, a Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia. Changa and the other protesters chanted “trust black women.” Evans is white, while her Democratic primary… Read more »

2 years ago

Ed, I think you left out the most damaging quote from the whole thing.

“These cuts disproportionately impacted working class Georgians. The legislation added a 1200 SAT requirement for HOPE eligibility, effectively eliminating access to full scholarships for 97% of African American students who took the SAT the previous year.”

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