Stacey Abrams Endorsement Compilation — Georgia Equality Edition

One of Georgia’s largest LGBT groups threw it’s muscle behind Stacey Abrams in the Democratic Primary for Governor.

Georgia Equality said it was endorsing the former House Minority Leader for her long-standing commitment to LGBT rights.

Perhaps what’s most important about this endorsement is that Abrams’ rival, Stacey Evans, is fast running out of constituencies to lock up.

Abrams said announcing her endorsement:

“As governor, I will ensure the Georgia of the future protects and includes all LGBTQ families. I have a vision for Georgia where equality fosters prosperity, and every family has the opportunity to succeed – not just survive. LGBTQ Georgians are critical partners in ensuring that vision becomes a reality.”

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It really doesn’t matter, there is no way in hell she wins a statewide election.

I just hope the Republican nominee isn’t some goofy dolt like Cagle.

Will Durant
Will Durant

I haven’t seen any recent polls but having grown up in Georgia and living here most of my life there is no denying the black and white polarity that still exists. Therefore Abrams has to be considered the favorite to win the primary though I personally think Evans would have a better shot in the General. Since both Cagle and Kemp have identified with Trumpists however the wild card in the General could be white suburbanites and especially white women depending upon the reality soap opera being played out in Washington. If the election was held today however, yes, Abrams… Read more »


I think a lot of analysis has shown that to be generally the way it goes, but the baseline scenario for all those elections has been with candidates whose race aligns with the race of a party base or bloc. It would be quite an experiment to see an African-American Republican vs. a Caucasian Democrat, to see how party vs. race plays out. That hasn’t happened before has it? Maybe on a County level…?


Allen West beat Ron Klein in 2010, but that was in Florida.
I can’t recall one in Georgia at the moment.


I don’t think you’re being cynical, just realistic. Myself, I’d absolutely vote for either of the Stacey’s over someone like Cagle or Kemp. I imagine both of them being from Atlanta doesn’t help with other half of the State, either.