Author: Stefan

Adoption Bill To Return to Senate minus RFRA

But will it remain unencumbered? It is widely accepted that Georgia’s adoption code is antiquated and cumbersome. It takes, on average almost 3 years to complete an adoption in this state. In other states it’s about a year. This means that kids in foster care in this state must remain there while their prospective parents

HB 51 Fails Survivors and Fails Ourselves

This is a guest post from Elliot Beckham, a Democratic Senate staffer who has closely watched the process of House Bill 51, which seeks to address the way all felonies are handled on campus, and specifically sexual assault. In the ceaseless and toxic whirlwind of our national politics, it’s easy to forget that just a

Stacey Evans Considering a Run for Governor

This is big news. Stacey Evans has long been considered in Democratic circles as the type of candidate who could unlock our demographic box and appeal to the type of varied constituency that is needed to win a statewide race. In polls, her negatives are almost non-existent (though her name ID is low), she is

Senator Isakson Comes Out Against Campus Carry

Senator Johnny Isakson did two Telephone Town Halls last week and was impressive in both. He took on all questions, showed his depth of knowledge and commitment to Georgians in all his responses. It is worth your time taking a couple hours to listen to the both in their entirety, even if you disagree with