Senator Isakson Comes Out Against Campus Carry

Senator Johnny Isakson did two Telephone Town Halls last week and was impressive in both. He took on all questions, showed his depth of knowledge and commitment to Georgians in all his responses. It is worth your time taking a couple hours to listen to the both in their entirety, even if you disagree with some of his positions.

Especially notable was his statement on the campus carry bill making its way through the legislature at current. He was asked about a US Senate bill regarding reciprocity of concealed carry permits, which he supports, but he added, and reiterated later, how opposed he was to Campus Carry:

You’ll note that he addresses proposals in the state legislature that would put guns in schools. Though he doesn’t say “Campus Carry” that’s the only real possibility.

His opposition to guns on campus is in line with that of Governor Nathan Deal, who vetoed the bill last year, and the people of Georgia, who in poll after poll, decline to support the initiative.


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