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Buddy Carter wants to “snatch a knot in their ass”

Where “their” either refers to some combination of Lisa Murkowski, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, or perhaps the entire Republican contingent in the United States Senate. Using a reasoned approach, TheHill has determined the Representative from Georgia’s 1st Congressional district means Lisa alone. What arose Buddy’s colloquial best? Well, that Senators Collins and Murkowski saw

Georgia House Dems Elect New Leader

Today, the House Democratic Caucus took a huge step toward becoming a functional organization that can be relied on to champion strong, progressive policies that make life better for Georgians. The elections to replace the outgoing House leadership were held today, and first up was the most important: Minority Leader, abdicated by Stacey Abrams since

Mid-Afternoon Reads for July 3rd!

  On this day in history, three items of particular interest. 1863 – Pickett’s Charge, a futile Confederate infantry assault against Union Army positions, occurred during the final and bloodiest day of fighting in the Battle of Gettysburg, marking a turning point in the American Civil War. 1940 – Second World War: The British Navy attacked the French fleet, fearing that the ships would fall into German

Stacey Evans and her path to success

  In this era of politicians whose views change like the seasons, Stacey Evans has been a rock, holding firm against the erosion of the HOPE program. When someone is so strong, so immovable, it’s not polling or putting a finger in the wind that gives her that strength. Evans has the strength of her

Adoption Bill To Return to Senate minus RFRA

But will it remain unencumbered? It is widely accepted that Georgia’s adoption code is antiquated and cumbersome. It takes, on average almost 3 years to complete an adoption in this state. In other states it’s about a year. This means that kids in foster care in this state must remain there while their prospective parents