What’s the Price of a few Charter Flights?

Tom Price was needled for his seemingly too serendipitous stock sales prior to confirmation, but he weathered that mini-scandal and became Secretary of Health and Human Services. But it is still up in the air whether he’ll be able to land safely in DC from his latest personal profiteering, or be diverted back home.

Secretary Price, late of the 6th Congressional district, has eschewed commercial planes for his travel around the states, preferring, in a stark departure from previous policy, to frequently fly charter jets. Though his excursions were first-class, his excuses were economy comfort at best. They ranged from a trip to Nashville, where an hour was for official business, and three hours were reserved for leisurely meal and beverage service with his son. Another was a weekend getaway to St. Simons where he owns a home, with a conveniently timed speech to the AMA thrown in.

Price’s official statement was that he was merely getting out of town to meet the people.

The seats in economy are this narrow!

But days of bad publicity and President Trump’s explicit refusal to show confidence in him have forced Price to put his response on the upgrade list. Now he’s saying he will pay back the taxpayers for his seat…but not his flights.

His chartered flights cost taxpayers over $400,000, but what Tom Price intends to return to the Government for his sky-high indulgence is just over $50,000.

That 12.5% discount likely won’t fly with the public, Congress, and possibly even Trump. Secretary Price is in real danger of getting bumped.






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