Stacey Evans Considering a Run for Governor

This is big news.

Stacey Evans has long been considered in Democratic circles as the type of candidate who could unlock our demographic box and appeal to the type of varied constituency that is needed to win a statewide race. In polls, her negatives are almost non-existent (though her name ID is low), she is heavily linked with protecting the HOPE scholarship, which remains the most popular government-related anything among Georgians.

The mantle of the HOPE scholarship and who protects it is battled for in every Georgia governor’s race, and on whose shoulders it comes to rest has marked the winner in every race since Zell Miller propelled himself to victory on its mere concept.

A different Stacey, Abrams, is widely rumored to be running for Governor, and a Stacey vs. Stacey matchup would give Georgia Democrats a sharp contrast in style and story. Who will voters identify with? Who will be their champion? With polls suggesting that a Trump presidency means a Georgia that is in play, which one of these women is most likely to become Georgia’s next Governor?




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