Morning Reads for Wednesday, the 22nd of February, 2017

On this day in 1980, the US Olympic Hockey Team downed the Russians in the semifinal, in one of the greatest upsets in sports. In less great news for our nation, Spain ceded Florida to the US on this day in 1819.

  • If Not Darwin, Who? An alternative history of the great ideas of science. (Nautilus)
  • Rally to save ACA in Georgia sparked by those who had healthcare reliance (AJC)
  • John Oliver Takes on the Trump Era (Rolling Stone)
  • Take a guess, who’s America’s Shakespeare-a? (National Affairs)
  • Tom Brady, 4.8-time Super Bowl champion: but for a silly coin flip Atlanta might have beat us (Economist)
  • Spielberg: The Inner Lives of a Genius (New York Review of Books)
  • Meet the man responsible for third-wave coffee — and Frappuccinos. (Lucky Peach)
  • Get excited: Thursday will see the first vote on casinos! (AJC)
  • Woolly mammoth on verge of resurrection (the Guardian)
  • Scenes From the Westminster Dog Show, or Best Dog Detection (the Atlantic)
  • The Man Who Broke Ticketmaster: The most infamous ticket scalper of all time used bots to buy millions of tickets. Now he wants to stop them. Alternative title: Why You Couldn’t Get a Ticket to see A Flock of Seagulls (Vice)
  • Terrorists are building drones and France is destroying them with eagles (Wapo)
  • How DNA Editing Could Change Life on Earth (New Yorker)
  • GEMA Director increases his (Butter)worth (AJC)
  • Along with San Paolo and Shanghai, Atlanta among most difficult to go back and forth (WSB)
  • But good news! Because of this, they are going to fix North! (WABE)

27 thoughts on “Morning Reads for Wednesday, the 22nd of February, 2017”

  1. Florida: The “treaty” was a result of the invasions of Spanish territory (they got back for their support in the Revolution) to deal with runaway slaves and pesky Seminoles. AJ was the founder of the Democratic Party and first governor of the territory.

      1. Eh. Jefferson didn’t write the Constitution, either. Seems clear that we aren’t limited to people born in the original US Territories for President. No one said Hoover, Truman, Ike, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Clinton, or Obama couldn’t be President because they were born somewhere other than what was US Territory in 1789.

      2. Cool thought. Florida was Spain or England during his influence. But my guess is that those born in Florida then and declared candidacy after it became a territory or state would be considered “natural” born. I defer to your expertise how it was defined if it was.

        Fast forward to today and Democrats would believe all you have to do is “identify” as a natural born citizen. Evidence is the support for white women identifying as “black” or “Indian” or “men”. 😎😎😱

  2. This is a cool little map to play with it your worried about robot trucks. Since a large number of major distribution points are located up and down the Georgia coast and half involve long haul trucking, it’s an interesting read.

      1. The members of the “rent a mob” are the constituents he ran to represent. You’d think a grown adult could handle some angry questions. Then again, them denim suits ain’t gonna press themselves.

        1. No they’re not. They’ve bought and paid agitators. But no worries. The voters are watching and woe be to any candidate with a “D” by their name in ’18. It will be a wholesale slaughter, especially in the the US Senate.

            1. I hope they keep it up. Seriously. They be 63 million Trump voters that will not even begin to leave his side. They see all the Dem crap going on and they’ll be in line at midnight before election day to sweep any Dem aside.

      2. Mr. Perdue needs to take a page out of the Cotton play book. When the local chapter of Indivisible asked for a town hall, he said yes. They rented a huge auditorium. The Indivisible chapter there is less then 500 people. Over 2000 people showed up in the auditorium plus about 400 more who did not make it inside. It was about a 50/50 split of pro Trump/anti Trump, and about 75% pro Cotton. He stood up on a stage by himself and answered questions for 2 hours.

        In the last 18 plus years of sending out letters to my house rep and Georgia’s two senators, only Perdue has yet to reply to a single letter or a call. Not. A. Single. One. Not even the basic thank you for your letter form reply. I know others who have not received replies. Rent a mobs is just his latest excuse…

          1. Allowing someone to post bond and a federal hold are separate issues. The city can grant bond but still honor the federal hold but instead, the city failed to honor the hold and the individual was subsequently involved in a murder.

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