Adoption Bill To Return to Senate minus RFRA

But will it remain unencumbered?

It is widely accepted that Georgia’s adoption code is antiquated and cumbersome. It takes, on average almost 3 years to complete an adoption in this state. In other states it’s about a year.

This means that kids in foster care in this state must remain there while their prospective parents navigate the byzantine system that keeps kids from finding a family and enjoying the love and care it provides.

Out of state adoptions are a nightmare as well. Representative Bert Reeves has undertaken the Herculean task of updating the code. Things were going fine until RFRA landed on it in committee and the Governor weighed in and effectively marooned that bill in committee.

But, in this sine die episode of the Walking Dead, it has come back in the form of Senate Bill 130. What reception shall it have in the Upper Chamber?

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Lea Thrace
Lea Thrace

I HATE the act of attaching previously dead bills to other viable bills (particularly when the viable bill has NOTHING to do with the dead bill). I find it dishonest and shady. And I wish the practice was killed.

The adoption bill was a decent one (not great in my eyes but better than nothing). I started the adoption process years ago and quit because it was just too much!