Author: Elliot Pierce

The Oblivious .06% of Catoosa County

Saturday was a busy day in Georgia politics. It was county convention day. I arrived at the Walker County Civic Center feeling hopeful that the party was on a restorative path after months of infighting and desertions. It seemed like the events surrounding the Election Integrity Act of 2021 had become the issue that would

New 2020 Election Data Raises a Question for 2022

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office posted more detailed voter registration and turnout data from the 2020 election cycle on Monday. There is a wealth of information in this release. Registration and turnout numbers are broken down by race, gender, age, county, and congressional district. Georgia is one of the few states with such detailed

Hello Georgia!

Hello all! Let me introduce myself, I’m Elliot Pierce. I hail from the county least likely to ever host an international cremation association expo. The land of unfortunate Lone Ranger fame. I grew up in Walker County and moved back six years ago after my son was born.  I come to GeorgiaPol thanks to an