Kemp Widens Lead Over GOP Challengers; Down-ballot Races Mostly Undecided

CBS46 reported last night that a new Landmark Communications survey found that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp had increased his lead to a margin wide enough to prevent a runoff. The survey of 660 likely Republican voters show Gov. Kemp with 52% support. Former Sen. David Perdue and Kandiss Taylor are far behind Kemp with 27.5% and 9.9% support, respectively.

Yesterday, former Sen. Perdue was up in my area to talk to the Catoosa County Republican Party. I didn’t attend, but watched the live stream. During and after his remarks, I got the sense that he didn’t want to be there. Maybe it was the small crowd or maybe his heart really isn’t in it. The new poll results are unlikely to lift his spirits.

See the full results below.


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