Self-declared Anti-corruption Lawmaker Hit With Ethics Complaint

State Representative David Clark, R-Buford, who recently qualified for re-election after announcing last summer that he would not seek re-election but keep “holding the powerful accountable and continuing to call out corruption” was hit with an ethics complaint from a constituent last week.

The complaint states, “David Clark has made over $5000 in reimbursements to himself from his campaign account and has failed to list the end recipients of the funds.
This is a violation of the Campaign Finance Act and Commission Rule 189-3..06. This type of behavior could be used to funnel campaign funds to himself and lead to the conversion of campaign funds for personal use. He needs to disclose where the campaign funds are being spent and run his campaign in a transparent manner.”

The expenditures below were reported in 2021-2022 campaign finance reports. They seem to back up the allegations made in the complaint and merit closer investigation.

DateExpenditure RecipientExpenditure PurposeAmount
1/18/22David Clark for State HouseFundraising Events$630.00
12/28/21David Clark for State HouseInformation technology costs (internet, e-mail)$2,788.53
8/30/21David Clark for State HouseInformation technology costs(internet, e-mail)$191.70
8/16/21David Clark for State HouseInformation technology costs(internet, e-mail)$250.00
7/8/21David Clark for State HouseOffice expenses$234.32
5/28/21David ClarkTransportation and travel$2,875.00
1/26/21David ClarkCommunication$2,863.44

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