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Of Important Matters: Fried Chicken

Georgia’s leading agricultural crop is chicken. We’re pretty much the center of the chicken universe.  We’re home to Chick Fil A, Zaxby’s, Popeye’s, Church’s restaurants.  I like them all.  But heaven can be found on a plate of many lesser known “meat & three’s” in all corners of our state. A while back we undertook

The Fresh Air Of Home

I grew up near the convergence of Highways 41 and 42 in Monroe County. I sang in the church choir at First Baptist Church of Forsyth, fished and hunted along the banks of the Ocmulgee River, I cheered for the Mary Persons Bulldogs from the stands of Dan Pitts Stadium, and I ate Fresh Air

Sunday Reader: My Cousin And Friend Ed Alvarez

Edward Jefferson Alvarez’s funeral was yesterday. Ed was my distant cousin. He was also a close friend. Ed’s great grandfather was John Hunt Harper, brother of my great grandfather Robert Frank Harper. Those men were two of the eleven children of Benjamin Franklin Harper. Robert Frank Harper had 21 children, the last of whom was

Sunday Reader: Down A Georgia Road

I’m encouraging our contributors to do things differently here on Sundays.  We are a site dedicated to Georgia Politics.  We are also a community.  What brings a community together are things that unite us.  It is in the things where we can find common ground. I’ll go one step further.  One of my frustrations in