Author: Anthony Michael Kreis

The Last Lecture

It is a bittersweet feeling to put pen to paper and write this, but my time in Georgia comes to an end this week as I move Chicago for a new teaching position. At the end of every semester, I deliver a final lecture to my students. Today, I give you my last post.

Bathrooms, Bigotry, and Bluster

In an egregious display of ignorance, some elected officials are attacking vulnerable children for political gain. These always outraged leaders are fighting the Obama Administration’s directive to allow transgender students access to restroom facilities in public schools consistent with their gender identity. Their resistance to civil rights is contrary to constitutional values and is morally

BREAKING: U.S. Election Assistance Commission Sued Over Georgia Voter Requirement

A federal action was filed today in Washington D.C. against the United States Election Assistance Commission and the Commission’s Executive Director, Brian D. Newby.  Voting rights groups are challenging the legality of the permission granted to Alabama, Georgia, and Kansas to require proof of citizenship on federal voter registration forms. The suit was filed by the League

Breaking: Georgia Supreme Court rejects undocumented students’ tuition lawsuit

This morning, the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously turned back a lawsuit brought by undocumented immigrants against the Board of Regents demanding in-state tuition. While the Supreme Court did not rule on the merits of the students’ tuition claim, it did uphold both the Fulton County trial court and Appeals Court decisions. Both lower courts dismissed the students’ lawsuit

Of Pastors and Protection

In yesterday’s daily Senate devotional, the chaplain of the day seized on the opportunity to condemn LGBT persons before members of the General Assembly. In an all too often occurrence under the Gold Dome, gay and lesbian Georgians were called “an abomination” who contribute to the nation’s moral decline. In the Senate— the people’s chamber—

Hello, It’s Me

A couple of years ago, a number of my esteemed colleagues at asked me if I wanted to start blogging on issues in Georgia law and politics. I am forever grateful for their encouragement and I could not be happier that I agreed to join them. The last few years have been a wild