BREAKING: U.S. Election Assistance Commission Sued Over Georgia Voter Requirement

A federal action was filed today in Washington D.C. against the United States Election Assistance Commission and the Commission’s Executive Director, Brian D. Newby.  Voting rights groups are challenging the legality of the permission granted to Alabama, Georgia, and Kansas to require proof of citizenship on federal voter registration forms. The suit was filed by the League of Women Voters, the Georgia NAACP, the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda, and local groups from Alabama and Kansas.

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In a more important note: Will they take my case against Florida which demands a Florida drivers license to get an in state fishing license (much more if a ga address). It is criminal, I say.


Of course not. This is all about enabling election fraud. Shame on League of Women Voters for being involved.


Election fraud my ass. Beyond an isolated case or two, there is no such thing in this country, despite the best efforts of talk radio to inflame the easily incited. What this is all about is an effort to block Kris Kobach’s stooge Brian Newby from setting policy to restrict voter registration. He did so without consulting the EAC, which has rejected similar actions in the past. Just last year the Supreme Court refused to hear a suit brought by Kobach that would accomplish what Newby is trying to do administratively. Under Newby’s directive, proof of citizenship would be restricted… Read more »