Vernon Jones’ Residency Challenge And Cry For Attention

Rep. Vernon Jones (D-Slimeball) has carried a cloud of controversy over Georgia politics for 20 years with no signs of letting up.

Today he endorsed President Trump (R-Slimeball) perhaps for all their similarities: ALLEGED sexual assault, being unfit for public office, rampant attention whoring.. I mean, you name it and they’re peas in a pod!

Or as Georgia Democratic Party Chair Nikema Williams called him: “an embarrassment.”

At least there’s some good news for residents of HD-91. Rep Jones might not live there.

According to a residency challenge, Rep. Jones has oh-so-conveniently claimed different addresses over the years. Each of which so he could run for various offices with a weak, and old, connection to the only one in HD-91.

From the complaint:

Representative Jones actually resides at 854 Moreland Avenue SE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30316, a property he purchased on or about May 31, 2019.6 This residence is located in the City of Atlanta and within House District 89– not House District 91. Further, upon information and belief, at least two different utility accounts (a cell phone and a landline) are associated with Representative Jones and have a service addresses of 854 Moreland Avenue. Additionally, upon information and belief, the billing address associated with that landline is for a P.O. Box located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, the same P.O. Box provided in the 2010 Statement of Organization for Vernon Jones for Congress, filed with the Federal Elections Commission


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