Party Switching in Gwinnett

Hey guys–remember party switching? It’s back! In Republican-to-Democrat form!

Former Snellville City Councilman Roger Marmol told The Gwinnett Daily Post he was becoming a Democrat partly because of President Trump and how Republicans have treated minorities.

In a statement to the GDP he said:

“Most have embraced an agenda and policies that are more about fighting against our changing country, and turning the clock back on progress.

“Rather than engaging with every voter in our community and trying to win hearts and minds, they have instead chosen the path of trying to suppress voters, restrict civil rights and ramp up demagoguery.”

Meanwhile, Gwinnett DA Danny Porter chickened out on a switch decided to remain a Republican.

As the AJC reports he was deciding which party would give him “the best chance of success.”

In a sign of truly principled decision making, Porter avoided a three-way runoff by remaining a Republican.

“Over the past 27 years, I have enjoyed bipartisan support from the voters as a Republican candidate and intend to run again as a Republican. I look forward to presenting my record of innovation, accomplishment and experience in the areas of victims’ rights, criminal justice reform, and innovative prosecution strategies in comparison to the ideas and record of the announced Democratic candidate(s).”

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