New People Jump Into GA-14 Race As Others Pass On A Run

I remember 11 years ago when former Governor Nathan Deal entered the 2010 gubernatorial race and soon vacated his congressional seat ten people decided to jump into the race in northwest Georgia. Fast forward to 2020, and a lot of people are passing on running for Congress. Another person to pass on a congressional run is Paulding County School Board Member Jason Anavitarte who said he wasn’t running via a statement on Facebook.

The absence of a clear front-runner or favorite in the race has drawn a few political newcomers to the 14th congressional race.

Marjorie Greene, current resident and now former candidate of Georgia’s 6th Congressional district, jumped at the opportunity to advance her own political career by announcing that she would seek the GOP nomination in GA-14.

State Representative Colton Moore (R-HD-1) dropped hints through his own press release that he’s considering running for Congress.

Another name has emerged: prosecutor and Appalachian entrepreneur (?) Clayton Fuller of Lookout Mountain has announced his intention to run for the 14th district seat.

There may be others who declare for the race, but it seems there are quite a number of solid Republicans who are giving this GOP-safe seat a hard pass.


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