Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracist Running in GA-6

Marjorie Taylor Greene announced her candidacy for Congress as a Republican for Congress from GA-6 earlier today.

Greene is known by some for her comments made in October, 2017 about the Las Vegas shooting in September of that same year. In a video posted to Facebook on the American Truth Seekers page, she raised doubts that the shooter acted alone. She also posed a question and provided additional commentary that insinuated that the shooting was a conspiracy to rob people of their second amendment rights. All of these were raised despite the fact that the shooting happened under a Republican President, a Republican Senate, a Republican House, and a Republican Governor in Nevada.

According to her announcement via Facebook Live and on TALK 106.7, she is a 22 year resident of GA-6. She graduated from the University of Georgia and is a business owner in GA-6.

As part of her announcement, Greene went after the other Republican candidates in the race. She labelled Karen Handel as a career politician who already lost to Rep. Lucy McBath, Brandon Beach as a big government/big spender candidate, and Nicole Rodden as a resident of GA-11 and not GA-6.

Las Vegas shooting commentary video:

Facebook Live candidacy announcement:

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