Metro Atlanta Election FAIL!

In the metro area, three highly qualified women attorneys lost run-off elections that they should have easily won!  Progressives listen up. 

On Tuesday at 6:00 pm, a good friend called me and half-jokingly said she was going to skip voting because she was tired.  She said she went because in her head she saw my face and felt too ashamed not to vote.  She grudgingly drove through the end of rush hour after a long day to put in her vote because she knew I would be disappointed in her if I did not.

For the last two days since the run-off election, I have been trying to think of the words that would make every progressive voter, I-20 and south voter, and every voter who has complained about law and politics, have the same shame as my friend.  Because the turn out for the run-off was abysmal.  We should all feel shame.

The turn out for the run-off was abysmal. 

We should all feel shame. 

I want to curse, unfriend non-voters on social media and in real life, and question everyone who ever ask me for anything in the future about their voting status.

Random stranger: “Excuse me ma’am can you pass me a napkin?” 

Me: “Did you vote in the run-off election?”

Stranger: “What run-off election?”

Me: “Heck naw, I’m not passing you anything.” Then I would pour water on all the napkins so they are unusable.


However, like my friend I have a voices in my head of people who I admire.  Today, that voice is of political expert Justin Giboney.  Justin taught me you must INSPIRE people to greatness not shame them.  I agree with Justin that aspiration vs. desperation leads to better results.  However, today I feel like someone needs a good cursing out.

At a point we must stop treating voting like the exclusive privilege that it once was.  Some people consider privileges as things you can choose to opt in and out of.  Some people treat privileges like voting as if it is something that must be earned and they are not worthy because they do not feel politically astute.  We need people to know, believe, and understand that voting is our RESPONSIBILITY.  Period.

We need people to know, believe, and understand that voting is our responsibility.

My disappointment and strong reaction stems from the unsuccessful elections of three black woman judicial candidates, Chaundra Lewis in Henry County, Veronica Higgs Cope in Gwinnett County, and Fani Willis in Fulton County.  However, my disappointment extends far beyond the black community and far beyond women voters.  My disappointment is with  each and every progressive registered voter, despite race, economic status, or religion.  YA’LL FAILED THIS ELECTION…. And we need to talk.

L-R Fani Willis and Kevin Farmer.

For all the complaining we do …

For every single video of excessive force by law enforcement you post (or purposely avoid) … 

For every tax dollar you complain about paying …

For every time you talk about #permitpatty, #bbqbecky, and other social media famous idiots …

AND for every time you say how much you are displeased with the current President of the United States …

You failed.  BIGLY!

There is zero doubt that if you have progressive values or usually vote with the Democratic Party, the three African American women judges would have made decisions on social justice, criminal justice, and civil justice issues that are far more in line with your values than any of their opponents.   All you had to do was take 30 minutes to vote – and not nearly enough of you did.

What is wrong with you? What do people have to do to make you pay attention to elections?

They have created Saturday voting!  

They have extended voting hours! 

They have extended voting locations!

There is even a law that your employer has to give you four hours on election day to go vote. 

You would think many of you would vote on a Saturday and use your four hours to get a pedicure and celebrate that we have three new women judges on the bench.  Missed opportunity.

All around America they keep talking about this #bluewave and a record number of women running for office …. Who cares if you don’t darn vote!

The last time I complained about low voter turnout, someone had the nerve to say, “well it is up to the candidates to inform us about elections.”  LIES!

If you are a voting age adult AND you care at all about our society, our Country, or your lifestyle you would keep up with voting the same way you keep up that mortgage payment, the new release of Jordan’s, or the next season of Power, OITNB, or This is Us!  For now on consider your voter registration as a license to vote.

For now on consider your voter registration as a license to vote.

Just like when the Department of Driver Services issues you a driver’s license, they expect you to take full responsibility to READ THE SIGNS.  They expect you to notice if a new stop sign or traffic light appears and they fully expect you to follow the directions to stop or proceed with caution.  Moving forward, it is your job to take a moment to notice new election yard signs in your own community.  It is your responsibility to see a sign and know there is an election ahead and to proceed your behind to the voting booth.

Just in case you need a cheat sheet now.  WE HAVE ELECTIONS EVERY YEAR —> click link.  Georgia Secretary of State Elections Dates.  The next election is November 6, 2018.

Primary elections happen every spring.  Primary elections are important because non-partisan races – like JUDGES occur in a primary.  Primary elections are also the time that political parties choose which of their candidates will run against the other parties’ nominee in the General election.  Every time you begin to think about filing your taxes in March and April you should also be thinking, “hmm there may be a primary election going on let me do my civic duties of paying taxes AND VOTING.”

General elections occur on the first Tuesday every November.  EVERY NOVEMBER.  That simple.  This is the election most American’s pay attention to.  Folks vote in November and never again and feel like they have done something great.  Newsflash – you haven’t.  If you only vote in November, you are doing it halfway right yet you still fail.  Only voting in November is like stopping at the first red light and then running every other red light you encounter.  You’re going to crash!

Run-off elections happen after both primary and general elections if no one candidate in a race gets 50% plus one vote.  If you go to the polls to vote for someone in a primary or general election AND there are three or more people in the race, you should pay attention to whether or not you need to go back a second time and vote.  Not voting in a run-off election after voting in a primary or general election is like buying a lottery ticket, winning, and then not turning it in.  Your vote can only count if you return to the polls a second time.

Not voting in a run-off election after voting in a primary or general election is like buying a lottery ticket, winning, and then not turning it in.

Listen yall … no more excuses.  And we have zero time for niceties.  If we want to elect the first woman governor of Georgia while she is running against the current Secretary of State, Abrams can’t just try to win, she has to blow him out the water to ensure the election is not stolen.

We do not have time for yall to forget to vote.  We don’t have time to debate whether or not your vote counts.  In the metro-Atlanta area, the opportunities to get a more fair and diverse elected leadership is in the palm of our hands.  OPEN YOUR HANDS STUPID!

I’m not even going to waste my time on the whole, “people died for our right to vote” speech.  Because if you cannot see how important it is to make sure you have a judge TODAY that will help determine if someone lives or dies, if a victim of a crime gets justice, or potentially decide what happens in an election dispute – then I can’t imagine you would care about the death of people who you did not know.

Not voting is selfish and idiotic. 

These candidates did not lose because of voter fraud.

These candidates did not lose because of voter intimidation.

These candidates did not lose because they were not qualified.

These candidates did not lose because the Secretary of State purged the voting rolls.

These candidates did not lose because they did not raise enough money.

These candidates did not lose because they did not work hard to get the word out.

These candidates did not lose because of any racial, socio-economic, gender, or religious bias.

These candidates lost because you did not go vote…and you should be ashamed.

Don’t like what I said?  “Don’t boo. Vote!” – President Barack Obama

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1 year ago

Voting by mail probly scares a lot of ppl, but it’s hard to argue with 80% participation in Presidential cycles and 60-ish% for mid-terms. (those #s are from Washington)

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse
1 year ago
Reply to  bethebalance

This runoff was prime for absentee ballot. There were only four races on my Democratic DeKalb ballot. And with more and more voting early and absentee, surprises aren’t being held as long.

1 year ago

“We always get the government we deserve”.

Georgia is at point in time where its citizens must decide if they want to be Alabama, Mississippi, NC, or Indiana under Pence or stay in the 21st century.

1 year ago

In 1980, I did not vote for anybody in the local primary. I was in the Army, stationed in Germany, and Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet, so it was just too hard to research the candidates. That is the only election that I have missed since 1970. Sadly (for you), I doubt that we have ever, or will ever voted for any of the same candidates. Progressives just don’t seem smart enough to realize the importance of ever single vote, but I guess that that is what you were saying in your post.

1 year ago

Fani Willis illegally littered roads, interstates, and public right of ways with hundreds of her campaign over many months. A judge candidate should know and obey state, county, and city ordinances. She should be charged for her misdemeanors, pay fines and personally retrieve her lingering signs still in violation against our public property.

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