SoS Candidate Buzz Brockway Goes Full “Nerd” in Campaign Video

Republican Secretary of State hopeful, and erstwhile GAPol/Peach Pundit contributor, Buzz Brockway wants to remind you that he’s a nerd. (That’s like needing a reminder that water is wet).

Oh and he’s qualified to be Secretary of State.

Brockway released his “Buzz Does” campaign video on Monday, which you can see below.

In a statement, Brockway said:

“I’m not running for Secretary of State to have something to do until another office opens up. I want to be Secretary of State to accomplish certain goals: I want Georgia to have the best election system and be the easiest place to do business in America. I won’t rest until these goals are accomplished.”

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2 years ago

I love it when we have local candidates that have never been to a meeting run for office. But they are going to make it better…. lower taxes cut government. Then when they get in they see how tight things are and their first response is to vote to raise taxes.

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