Speaker David Ralston Attends Infrastructure Announcement

Speaker Ralston being interviewed in front of the West Wing of the White HouseGeorgia House Speaker David Ralston attended President Donald Trump’s announcement yesterday on his commitment to infrastructure improvements across America. As Charlie touches on in his column yesterday, Georgia is positioned to benefit from the President’s focus on state-centered infrastructure solutions.

President Trump’s budget is a practice of federalism where states are responsible for creating their own plans. That also means the states are responsible for finding how to pay for these infrastructure projects. Tough decisions will have to be made if we no longer want to kick the can down the road.

The General Assembly will have to make difficult decisions on how to pay for infrastructure projects. They did in 2015 when the transportation bill was passed, and they may now have to again when evaluating how to pay for deploying broadband infrastructure across the state. That funding could come from sales taxes levied on services that are delivered on that same broadband infrastructure.

You can read the press release from Speaker Ralston’s office concerning the discussions that he and other state and local leaders had about infrastructure needs facing our country.

ATLANTA – Speaker David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) attended President Trump’s infrastructure announcement at The White House this morning.  Speaker Ralston was one of several local and state elected officials invited to participate in a series of discussions with the President as well as members of his cabinet and senior staff about the plan and the infrastructure needs facing our nation.

“I appreciate President Trump’s emphasis on public-private partnerships, as well as rural areas of America, as we look to address the nation’s infrastructure needs,” said Speaker Ralston.  “Much like his Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, this measure will make a real difference in projects of profound economic importance like the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project or long-overdue efforts like expanding broadband infrastructure into rural areas.  This is another example of President Trump focusing on creating jobs and expanding economic opportunity across our country.  I am honored to represent the State of Georgia at this important announcement.”

President Trump’s infrastructure plan looks to leverage the power of public-private partnerships to improve the nation’s infrastructure including transportation, water/sewer and other critical needs like broadband internet access.  More details on the President’s plan are available on The White House website at http://www.whitehouse.gov.

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