A Whopping .061% Of New Georgia Project Voting Applications Might Be Fraudulent

The investigation into the Stacey-Abrams-led and much-maligned (on all sides) New Georgia Project finished, finding a massive, high-level conspiracy executed by the top names of Georgia Democratic politics.

Just kidding!

According to the AJC just 53 of the 87,000 voter registration forms the State Elections Board reviewed were allegedly forged. And the perpetrators were 25 paid canvassers. Both of these issues were announced at the start of the investigation when the New Georgia Project initially submitted its documents to the State Elections Board.

So why would Secretary of State Brian Kemp be interested in this investigation–the latest chapter in a multi-year vendetta?

Man, I really can’t think of anything can you?

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Yeah but how many of those 53 are New Hampshire students? Can’t answer that, can you?


No worries, Kemp will order the applications destroyed.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

The Trump Investigation’s results won’t be much different, except that it will recommend actions to suppress the vote. It’s the natural expectation of a party bereft of any new ideas beholden to a base as dumb as dirt.

Will Durant
Will Durant

The Russians have also complained as the validity of the data supplied to them by Kemp should be sacrosanct.

The initial blustery news conference reminded me of The Ox after a fire truck chasing with the Secretary heaping dirt on his mole hill with a coke spoon. Pure political comedy, but WTH it has worked before in this state.